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Mathijs Temporary residence: Galicia / Northern Portugal
From February 2017 for at leat 4 months, we will be renting a comfortable house, probably in Northern Portugal, potentially in Galicia.
The idea is to create a temporary community, in preperation of a permanent settlement. There, or somewhere else. It would be an intense (but peaceful, tranquil) period of deepening understanding of the local environment, of exploration of actual community formation and the concretisation of ‘what we would be doing there’. Creating roadmaps, connecting people and initiative, getting acquaintant with the land, people and local governments. Exploring funding options, (regenerative) business models based on social, economic and ecological emancipation. All that plus everything The Good Life has to offer; plenty of time, play and imagination.
As there are many places to consider (there are similarly abandoned ruralities in most sides of the continent), we chose to just pick one. Amongst reasons, the current choice ‘felt good’. Moreover, particularly Northern Portugal has some favorable conditions:
  • Wet climate (reduced risk of desertification)
  • Open culture (internationally oriented, warm towards foreign elements)
  • Sustainable policy (conservation of natural resources, seperating garbage, profitability of solar)
  • Good connectivity (4G widely available, cheap)
  • Airports and cities nearby (Porto, Vigo)
  • Affordable (some of the lowest land/house prices of the E.U.)
Concretely, we hope to make living in this temporary settlement possible on a cost-sharing basis, where costs for ‘good living’ (housing, food, drinks, internet, occasional transport) should round up to a total of about € 300 per person per month (depending on circumstances). We aim for people staying either a few days or a minimum of one month, to ascertain some stability in the social dynamics.
Should you be interested to join or want to learn more, shoot a mail at info@dsrp.eu and check out http://dsrp.eu and/or add yourself down the list.
  • Irina
  • Eva Gladek (unconfirmed)
nino Keep me up to date
Mathijs Questions
nino With a group of motivated (yet mostly unexperienced) builders, activists, hackers etc we're thinking of buying a terrain / village in the future. I'm hearing this idea more and more in my circles, and I wonder if it is feasible and even wanted to join forces. Perhaps buy one big terrain / place. 
I'm currently in a year long course to learn mechanics, so I won't be able to join. That's why I'd like to be held up to date and I'd like to see your ideas on this matter.

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