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Michael Kaisers

495 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Michael Kaisers 495 days ago
  1. Organizing people
  1. Mission, buy-in and building momentum by gathering people
  1. Governance structures and articles of association (=decision making processes, working groups)
  1. Legal structure and ownership
Michael K
  1. Planning work [optional]
  1. Goals, outcomes and impact [of achieving the mission]
  1. Projects, milestones and work packages
  1. Responsibilities and self organization
  1. Finance
  1. Setting targets with break-even points for investments
  1. Low-budget and shared loans with interest
  1. Cost-benefit sharing mechanisms and dynamic costs
  1. Architecture
  1. Energy
  1. The game changers: insulation, efficient devices and behavior
  1. (Renewable) production: Solar (electric/thermal), water, wind, biodigestion (biogas, biodiesel)
  1. Demand response, storage and shared exploitation
  1. Ecology, agro- and agriculture
  1. IT & connectivity

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