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Stagones is a conglomeration of several families and individuals who have chosen to specialize in sustainable building (mainly cob) and sustainable agriculture (permaculture). They accept volunteers and interns when given sufficient (at least one month) notice.
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The Old watermill (Παλιόμυλος) is a permaculture project started by Giorgos Vallis after he had been travelling the world for some time, at his family's olive plantation on Evia in Greece. The project accepts visitors and volunteers and is doing some very interesting experiments.
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Epia Gi in Messinia is an eco project of a group of people who have repopulated an old deserted village and have started to recultivate and restore previously cultivated land.
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Elpidohori (Hopeland) is an effort to create an eco-community on a beautiful hillside in the prefecture of Argolis. 
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The residents of Anavra enjoy one of the highest GDP per capita in Greece[3] and the rest of the EU with incomes that range from 30,000 to 100,000 Euros.[4] Anavra has been recognized as a model of sustainable development.[5] The town produces its own electricity by 20 wind-powered generators.[3] Surplus electrical power is sold. A hydroelectric plant is scheduled for construction. A biomass facility is being planned which will supply heat and hot water from animal manure and woodchips. The plan calls for all homes and buildings in the town on the heat/hot water network.
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We have made it our life’s journey to research, create and implement an efficient social structure in a prototype, sustainable eco-community in Greece, which can be imitated and applied in any part of Greece, and why not the world, to work as a research school on self-sufiiciensy and sustinability. This social structure will be founded on inalienable human rights and an economy defined by strategic use of technology, available resources, practical knowledge and hard facts. Selfless service(not exchange) and an eagerness for development and new sustainable solutionswill be the driving force of our project. During this time we encourage and actively support like-minded people and groups in their effort to research and/or realize their own productive and sustainable ideas, structures and communities. This way, our community will serve as a school for anyone who wishes to learn about self-sufficiency and sustainability.
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Localisation and ecovillage network is our answer against the storm of the financial system. We consider the food, energy, housing and psychological disengagement from the system as acts of active resistance. Thus we neither advocate nor agree with any introverted parochial isolationism. Our main concern is the spread of any knowledge acquired in the course of our project as well as the promotion of the creation and continuous expansion of an ecovillage network.

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