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  • u should get in touch with Christian Iaione , he is professor of Political Science specialised in contemporary commons practices in Bologna
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La cooperativa, fondata il 16 dicembre 2013, si propone di svolgere la propria attività caratteristica prevalentemente a favore dei propri soci cooperatori in modo da far conseguire agli stessi occasioni di lavoro e di occupazione permanente nel settore dell'agricoltura e affini. La cooperativa si propone, nel contempo di far conseguire ai propri soci fruitori i beni e i servizi che costituiscono oggetto della sua attività. La cooperativa può svolgere la sua attività anche con terzi.
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Ecovillage and holiday accommodation in western Liguria, north Italy.
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We are an Ecovillage, an intentional community based on environmental and relational sustainability.
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The Osservatorio Geologico di Coldigioco (OGC) is an independent center for research and education in geology, art, and cuisine. Located in the beautiful, tiny hilltop village of Coldigioco in the Apennine mountains of central Italy, OGC consists of sleeping, eating, and living facilities, geological labs, art studios, kitchens, and a small fleet of vehicles. Sandro Montanari and Paula Metallo run OGC with assistance from friends and colleagues from the U.S.A. and Europe.
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AN OPEN-SOURCE APARTMENT in Turin (Italy) is a first, little, but concrete answer to this scenario. It’s furnished with the makers inventions, realized with Arduino electronic board. This open-source house is placed in the location of the former Fiat Lingotto. The American author has been living in Turin since six ears with his wife Jasmina Tesanovic. The hacked house called Casa Jasmina, “for the moment, is a ground floor and just some ideas and conversations. Yes, I’m the administrator of this new project. I’m very interested about it, about how it works or doesn’t work. I want to test personally every chair and sleep in every bed”.

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