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Mas con Menos is an international collective of enthusiastic builders with a common fascination for living self-sufficient and free. Mas con Menos (Spanish for more with less) is our credo when it comes to building. Different cultures influence our creations and whether it’s about creating a completely self-sufficient straw bale house, a bread / pizza oven or an eco-sauna, through our extensive network and experience, much is possible.
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The Living Village is a globally unique plan to build the world's first living village. It is built from living trees in an edible landscape ..
By combining living building with modern construction techniques, we are able to build functional objects. In the living village houses and other structures are built from living trees. In addition to forming a new sustainable living environment, it is thus also created nature. Live Village serves as an example and inspiration for anyone who dares to change to a new way of living and thereby put the "living building" on the world map.
The design technique of permaculture we create an edible landscape, creating a sustainable ecosystem. Our immediate environment is reconnected natural, self-sustaining and mutually.
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Dutch ecovillage festival, linked to Het Levende Dorp.

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