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325 days ago
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From February 2017 for at leat 4 months, we will be renting a comfortable house, probably in Northern Portugal, potentially in Galicia.
338 days ago
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671 days ago
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Piece of land with a small house in the beautiful mountains harbouring a creative community of about 10 doing permaculture, art and whatnot. Typically low-tech but we're about to change that with a permanent internet connection and solar installation.
679 days ago
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The whole farm is a permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with Nature. We experiment several ways of growing food, working with biodiversity of plants and animals, redesigning the farm to become a resilient landscape. It’s our intention to establish and maintain permanent systems that bring abundance for this and future generations.
1004 days ago
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The project was founded in Germany in 1978. In 1995 it moved to Portugal. Today 170 people live and work on a property of 330 acres.
The founding thought was to develop a non-violent life model for cooperation between human being, animal and nature. Soon it became clear that the healing of love and of human community had to be placed at the center of this work. Sexuality, love and partnership need to be freed from lying and fear, for there can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The ecological and technological research of Tamera includes the implementation of a retention landscape for the healing of water and nature, as well as a model for regional autonomy in energy and food. Through the Global Campus and the Terra Nova School we are working within a global network on the social, ecological and ethical foundations for a new Earth – Terra Nova.
1008 days ago
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In the middle of a national park close to the Portuguese Atlantic coast, we are looking for a social and sustainable life away from the pressures of society.

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