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All over the world there are numerous examples and stories how people are more and more worried for the future of the planet, for stability of our climate and world ecosystems. Unfortunately, the common feeling is fear. And from that we have apathy and pessimism. And from all over the world people stress how they need innovative approaches, good case story, and practical and truly solutions for our societies to become more sustainable and mutually supportive. That is why we need to work more on dissemination of information and knowledge, more on practical skills, appropriate technologies and education for sustainable living. 
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Ecovillage in Croatia.
1059 days ago
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MMK15 is an international (extended/hybrid) cultural event taking place at the eco-camp near  Gračac   during July and August 2015. MMK15 invites artist, activists,  environmentalists, common-ists and survivalists to gather around the  theme “Future Environments”. MMK15 combines research, experiment and  workshops with creative thinking and environmental consciousness. 

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