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Rockin Soils researches and shares know-how to support healthy local food production systems while recovering the natural fertility of soils. Rockin Soils uses technologies are appropriated and affordable to any farm in any country. Rockin Soils works with farmers worldwide on:
  • Produce and use agricultural inputs that build fertile living soils and support plant growth. Inputs can be mineral, organic or a combination of them. Examples of these are enriched composts, ferments, liquid bio-fertilizers and mineral additives
  • Plan the use of inputs within a farm regenerative strategies
  • Reproducing local microorganisms that improve the performance of biological processes in the soils, composts and other fermentations.
  • Design, plan and manage land and water systems to support life and productivity in farm
  • Design business plan for farm for rural entrepreneurs
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The whole farm is a permaculture and regenerative agriculture project that works together with Nature. We experiment several ways of growing food, working with biodiversity of plants and animals, redesigning the farm to become a resilient landscape. It’s our intention to establish and maintain permanent systems that bring abundance for this and future generations.
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Introducing and providing Permaculture education in the universities (and indeed starting at kindergarden) has been discussed in many quarters since the inception of Permaculture. The original frameworks of The Academy offered by Bill Mollison suggest providing Permaculture education up to doctorate level and potentially beyond. The vision of the Permaculture College of Europe is to create the vehicle to take Permaculture to all education levels. The College will work with all like structures to achieve this.

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